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Getting Started with Lightbend Academy

This course introduces you to training paths to help you navigate the Lightbend Academy.



Getting Started

About This Course

Lightbend Academy contains courses to help guide you on your path to building Reactive systems. This course will help you navigate through various paths, depending on what technologies you have chosen to build your system.

In this course we will present you with a series of "Training Paths". These will lay out a series of courses in the order we recommend for a beginner to take them. More advanced users may wish to deviate from the prescribed path, skipping courses, or taking them out of order. Think of these Training Paths as guides, rather than strict rules.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Architecture Training Path
  • Scala Language Training Path
  • Akka Training Path
  • Lagom Training Path

General Information

  • This course is free.
  • It is self-paced.
  • It can be taken at any time.
  • It can be taken as many times as you wish.


  • There are no pre-requisites to this course.