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Lightbend Scala Language - Professional

Object-oriented meets functional programming. Take your first steps in Scala!




About This Course

Object-oriented meets functional—elegant class hierarchies, seamless Java interoperability, maximum code reuse and extensibility, built to solve difficult concurrency challenges. Take your first steps in Scala!


  • Developers gain knowledge and skills to confidently program in Scala
  • Certified Lightbend Trainers share coding insights that lead to high-quality code
  • Re-discover a passion for software - Scala is fun!


  • Developers who have experience and proficiency in Java, C++, C# or Ruby
  • Scala programmers with minimal experience looking for a refresher
  • Managers who want to gain an understanding of functional programming

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Course Syllabus

  • Intro
  • First Steps in Scala
  • OO Basics
    • Ex - Define a Class
    • Ex - Define Class Parameters
    • Ex - Promote Class Parameters I
    • Ex - Promote Class Parameters II
    • Ex - Define a Field
    • Ex - Define a Method
    • Ex - Define a Operator
    • Ex - Use Default Arguments
    • Ex - Use Packages
    • Ex - Check Preconditions
    • Ex - Define Case Classes
  • Testing
    • Tests: Group Exercise
  • Collections and Functional Programming Basics
    • Ex - Use a Sequence
    • Ex - Use map
    • Ex - Use flatMap
    • Ex - Use filter
  • For Loops and For Expressions
    • Ex - Use for-expressions
  • Inheritance and Traits
    • Ex - Override toString
    • Ex - Define an ADT
    • Ex - Use a Trait
  • Pattern Matching
    • Ex - Use Match Expressions
    • Use Patterns: Group Exercise
  • Dealing with Optional Values
    • Ex - Use Option
  • Handling Failure
    • Ex - Use Try

General Information

  • This course is free.
  • It is self-paced.
  • It can be taken at any time.

Course Length

  • Approximately 10-12 hours


  • This course assumes that students are familiar with the Java, C++, C#, or Ruby languages.
  • As an introductory course, no knowledge of Scala is required.

Course Staff

Petro Verkhogliad

Petro Verkhogliad

Petro Verkhogliad is a Director in Professional Services at Lightbend.

Petro was excited to start teaching as an undergraduate at Carleton University. He continued to teach while obtaining his Masters degree in Computer Science from Carleton University.

After graduate school, Petro worked as a developer, team lead, manager and currently, director while continuing to teach and engage with various technical communities through meetups and conferences.

Today, Petro manages and accelerates the delivery of value to Lightbend Platform customers enabling them to reach their goals.