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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access Lightbend Academy?

Lightbend Academy is available to Lightbend subscription customers and their co-workers.

How do I get access to Lightbend Academy?

All customers with access to the Lightbend Portal will automatically have access to Lightbend Academy.

Additional Academy users will require a special registration link which is unique to your Lightbend subscription account. This link can be obtained by anyone who has access to the Lightbend Portal and can be freely shared with co-workers.

Please note, registration on will not grant you access to Lightbend Academy. The registration link found at must be used.

To ensure uninterrupted access to Lightbend Academy, please ensure you register using your corporate email address.

I already registered on How can I access Lightbend Academy?

If you previously registered on without using the appropriate registration link, then you can still use the registration link to enable access to Lightbend Academy.

Can I invite others to Lightbend Academy?

Yes. You can share the registration link within your company. This will allow your co-workers to access the same premium content. While there are limits to the number of people who can access Lightbend Academy in any given account, the limits are sufficiently high that they shouldn’t be exceeded in most cases.

If you are concerned about exceeding your limits, please speak to your Lightbend sales representative.

Where can I find my Lightbend commercial credentials?

Once you have registered using your registration link, you can access your commercial credentials by going to:

Please ensure you read the instructions in detail to ensure your project is correctly configured.

Once I have registered, which course should I start with?

Lightbend Academy offers a variety of different courses, and at times the selection may seem overwhelming. To help you through the process, we have created a special course that will guide you through some of the training paths.

If you are unsure which course to start with, we recommend you start with our Getting Started course which will help to guide you on your journey.